Yoink for Mac v3.5.16

This update contains a couple of quality-of-life improvements and a few bug- and crash fixes.

Website (+ demo)
Mac App Store

Yoink for iPad and iPhone v2.2.5

It was actually supposed to be v2.2.4, but I mistyped, so here we are.
Improves the “Get Item from List” Siri Shortcut by providing icons and subtitles for improved identification of items.
It also fixes two crashes, one of which occurred on iOS 15.

iOS App Store

Transloader for Mac v3.0.4

This improves the synchronization of your downloads’ statuses and file sizes, and fixes a couple of bugs along the way.

Website (+ demo)
Mac App Store

Transloader for iPad and iPhone v3.0.4

More bug fixes (and also includes the status / file size sync improvements of the Mac version).

iOS App Store (free)

Enjoy 🤗

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I’m happy to announce that aside from the Mac App Store, Transloader 3 is now also available on Setapp!

With Transloader, you can start downloads on your Macs, remotely from your iPhone, iPad, and other Macs.


Transloader for Mac on Setapp
Transloader for Mac on the Mac App Store
Transloader for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store (free)

More Links

Get to know Transloader 3 – Blog Post Series
Transloader Website
Transloader Usage Tips

Enjoy 😊

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While Transloader is able to download all kinds of file links, it does not directly support downloading videos from YouTube, for example.

That’s where Downie by Charlie Monroe comes in.

Enter Downie

Downie lets you easily download videos from thousands of different sites.
Just copy-paste the link of a video you find on YouTube, or Vimeo – or any number of video hosting sites – to Downie, and it’ll download the video.
It’s that easy.

Downie and Transloader

Use Transloader in combination with Downie, and you can download videos you come across on your iPhones and iPads on a Mac remotely.
Set up a Link Action for YouTube links, and Transloader on Mac will forward those to Downie, which will download them right away.

Setting up a Link Action in Transloader

In Transloader’s preferences, select Actions and add a Link Action. Configure it to launch Downie for links that point to

Now, anytime you assign your Mac a YouTube link with Transloader, the Mac app will forward it to Downie for download:

Quick Tip

To avoid Downie potentially asking for user input while you’re away, open its preferences, select Advanced and select Run in automated mode.

And that’s it!

Get Downie

You can get Downie here (a free trial is available).

Get Transloader

Get Transloader for Mac, iPhone and iPad here (a free trial is available).

For more tips on getting the most out of Transloader, check out the Usage Tips page.

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