Introducing ProjectX: ScreenFloat


It gives me huge pleasure to announce the immediate availability of ScreenFloat – an app to increase your productivity on your Mac!

What Is ScreenFloat

ScreenFloat lets you create screenshots that float above all other windows. This way, you do not need to resize or move windows around just to keep a piece of information visible on your display.


It also lets you store information for later use with the built-in Shots Browser, which lets you categorize and manage shots you’ve taken with the use of tags, smart categories and categories (which are basically smart folders or ordinary folders).

How to use ScreenFloat

ScreenFloat gives you customizable keyboard shortcuts to do its stuff.


By default, cmd-shift-2 will let you create a floating shot and cmd-shift-1 opens the Shots Browser. Creating a floating shot works the same way as creating a selective screenshot (which is cmd-shift-4 by Mac OS X’s default).

What else is there to say about ScreenFloat

It comes with a system service. Which means, when you select text in any Cocoa application (like Safari orTextEdit), you can invoke ScreenFloat’s service to create a floating shot from that. This also has a customizable keyboard shortcut for the user’s convenience. ScreenFloat resides either in your Dock (by default) or in your menu bar.

Availability and Pricing

ScreenFloat is available exclusively on the Mac App Store, a demo is available through the website. You can get it for just €5.99/$7.99! For updates on ScreenFloat, you can follow @screenfloatapp or @eternalstorms on twitter!


Let me know what you think in the comments or by eMail!

Thank you and take care, Matthias

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  1. William Tuke

    I have been trying out your ScreenFloat software. It has a lovely UI and is very attractive, but a few issues have come up for me. Nowhere in your screencast or on this page do you say ‘how’ to get the images from say ScreenFloat to Text Edit. I thought that it would be easy, but I have to drag it from SF to a folder in the Finder. There is no option in the ‘Actions’ for example to ‘sent it’ to a folder! Also it appears to save its screen shots in TIFF format, which is great for image quality, but if I want to edit these images, there appears to be a difficulty opening them in Photoshop! I’m sure it can be done, but it is not easy or intuitive. I was told by Photoshop that it was an unrecognised format. There was an option to open it under another menu, but it was not an easy process – nor did it work for me. It would be good to have the option to save the file (in a folder) as say a JPEG. I mainly want to use the software for WordPress uploads. It this case I need to resize images after capturing them. ScreenFloat doesn’t therefore make it easy at all to achieve this. Also I am not sure where the images are in fact stored? Other software, not as good looking (such as Instant Shot), at least say where the images are being saved to, as well as giving the user format options. Again I don’t see any information on this? Perhaps I have misunderstood something? If so please let me know, and I will happily use and recommend this software. So, for now while it is lovely looking software, it nevertheless appears to be lacking in some essential functionality.

  2. William,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Check out version 1.1 which allows you to export shots in different formats (png, tiff, jpeg).
    To save shots to a folder, you can just drag it out from the shots browser and into Finder onto the folder you’d like to save it to.
    It also fixes the “Open with Photoshop-Bug”.
    In this new version, you’re able to copy shots into the clipboard so you can easily paste it into TextEdit, for example.

    Thank you and kindest regards,

  3. Phil

    Really like this app and have been waiting for the right time to buy. Today was the day, but I missed your quick $4.99 sale 🙁 It was too quick for I ran some errands and came back and it was over. Do it again and I’ll be ready 🙂

  4. Dale


    Nice application, very useful!

    Is there any way for ScreenFloat to produce an image with a transparent background? So, there would just be floating text or a graphic symbol displayed? I’ve tried to produce an image from Seashore with a transparent background and black text, but when imported to ScreenFloat, it just looks like a black box.

  5. Dale,
    I’m currently checking several options of how to implement transparency appropriately.
    The problem with transparency is that it makes the transparent portions not-clickable which may confuse some users.
    I’ll keep on it, though 🙂

  6. sharethebest

    Could this capture a live shot of the app such as the software called OnTopReplica on Windows? That would be more useful.

  7. Hi, I design packaging and have to look at and edit upside down and sideways text and images all the time. I’ve been using ScreenFloat daily for years. It’s an important part of my workflow. I keep hoping you will add 90-degree rotation, Right now I have to copy the ScreenFloat to photoshop, rotate, then re-ScreenFloat it and go back to illustrator.

    Is there any way you can add 90-degree rotate. It would change my worklife dramatically (just as ScreenFloat did to begin with. Thank you Randy

  8. Eternal Storms Software - Matthias Gansrigler

    Randy, Thank you for your feedback on ScreenFloat. I will consider adding this feature in one of the next updates/upgrades of ScreenFloat. If there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to write me! -Matt

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