What I… (September 2015)

This exciting installment of “What I…” features a mysterious Apple TV Developer Kit and an amazing city trip to Zurich.

… Did

Yoink IconUpdated Yoink to Version 3.1 (click)
Yoink 3.1 brings many new languages (like Simplified Chinese and Japanese, among others), performance improvements (like when waiting for so-called promised drags) and energy usage improvements (for example, Yoink doesn’t try to create QuickLook previews for folders and apps anymore as they are just icons anyway. It’s a minor thing, but it can add up), as well as several bug fixes.
I highly recommend updating if you haven’t already – it’s a free update for existing customers of the app.

Apple TV Developer Kit Box

Received an Apple TV Developer Kit (click)
Yes, I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to receive an Apple TV Developer Kit. I’d like to know how the “choosing process” works inside Apple. Was there a contingent of Apple TV Developer Kits per country and the lucky ones were chosen per country as well or was it just a global “lottery”. I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to go to WWDC this year (because I didn’t win the lottery), but I’m very happy and glad it worked this time. I’m not supposed to show or talk about it, but I can say I do like it (<disclaimer>this is not a review</disclaimer>).
My cousin and I released an iOS game last year, Reach ZEN, and I’m currently looking into bringing it onto the Apple TV platform. It’s been pretty easy so far and I’ll be sure to post about it soon.

ScreenFloat IconWorked on ScreenFloat 2.0 (click)
I’ve been working on ScreenFloat 2.0, particularly currently the layout of the floating shots. I’m not very keen on the widgets that currently appear when you mouse over a floating shot, I’d like to change that up a bit and make it less gimicky-looking. I’ve also started doing some prototyping on possible annotations. Looking good so far, but at this point, I can not share any more. I hope I’ll be able to, soon.

Collecting Photos of my late Dad
In November 2013, my dad passed away at 63. He was a well-known and respected journalist here in Austria (working for KathPress, Die Furche, Das WirtschaftsBlatt and Kurierlogistik.kurier) and I thought it would be a good idea to make the round through their offices and see if they had any photos of him I wasn’t in possession of.
They were all very accommodating, however, I only found very few photos, I thought they had more.
I also drove to our old house in Burgenland (the country-side of Austria) which doesn’t belong to us anymore, but the new owner was kind enough to hold on to some personal objects of ours, which contained family trees, a couple of photographs and, most interestingly, letters from the battlefield (of WWII) of my granddad’s brother. I’m now in the process of digitizing them – I never knew they existed. We did have letters from my granddad, but not from his brother.

… Downloaded

Seabeard App IconSeabeard for iPad (click)
This is a pretty, fun and highly addictive game. I’ve already spent way too much time with it, and I’ve only had it for a week.
You’re a seafarer trying to rebuild your destroyed island. It has some Zelda elements to it, which by itself makes it a winner in my book.

… Read

Apple Pencil vs. Wacom Cintiq (click)
A blog post by Linda Dong (an Apple employee currently on a year off for personal projects) about the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil vs. the Wacom Cintiq. Very insightful coming from a person who uses this stuff every day for work and probably for personal stuff as well, but perhaps a little biased since she worked on it as well. Still, worth a read and definitely an opinion that can be trusted _because_ she uses it daily.

Pixar in a Box | Khan Academy (click)
An introduction to how things work behind the scenes at Pixar. Very interesting.

In Their Own Words: An Oral History Of Diablo II (click)
A very detailed read of how Diablo II came to be with the guys who made it. You’ll need some time to read this 😉

How Apple Built 3D Touch (click)
Just goes to show that nothing at Apple is done on a whim.

How Apple’s New Retina Flash – 5 Years In The Making – Brightens Up Selfies (click)
Another example.

Trials and Upgrades Won’t Save Independent Software Developers (click)
I’m not sure I agree with what Elia has to say, but he does offer some interesting alternatives.

We Own You: Confessions of a Free-To-Play Producer (click)
Shocking how much information about a person can be out there and fairly easily accessed.

… Watched

Supernatural Season 1 DVD CoverSupernatural (click)
My girlfriend turned me onto this show and it’s pretty great. We’ve blasted through season 1-3 already and just can not stop watching. If you’re into demon hunters and the like, give this show a try, you won’t regret it.

… Ate

Baked CroissantsBaked Croissants

… Went to See

My girlfriend Britta and I spontaneously decided to take a trip to Zurich over the weekend, and boy, was it awesome. A great city and very friendly people all around.
We hardly used any public transportation and walked through all of Zurich over the course of three days, including both Rigiblick and Uetliberg. 68.312 steps later, we were back in Vienna (by plane, not by foot :P).

View from GrossmuensterView of Zurich and Zurich Lake from Grossmünster.

View from UetlibergMy girlfriend and I, with a grand view of Zurich and Zurich Lake from Uetliberg.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan Compatibility

OS X 10.11 El Capitan

I’m happy to say that all my applications, Yoink, Glimpses, ScreenFloat, Transloader and flickery are compatible with OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” and work perfectly on Apple’s new operating system, which will be released tomorrow, September 30th.

I’ve tested all my apps on the Golden Master of the upcoming Mac system upgrade and haven’t found any showstoppers or issues.

Should you, however, discover anything you feel is a bug, an annoyance or an issue, please be sure to get in touch with me either by mail, twitter or Facebook – I highly appreciate your help.

I hope you’ll enjoy tomorrows upgrade of OS X, I know I am very much looking forward to it!

Yoink Update 3.1 – Simplify Drag and Drop on your Mac

Yoink Icon

Yoink version 3.1 is now available on the Mac App Store and as a free, 15-day trial from the website.

Yoink improves and simplifies drag and drop on your Mac by providing a temporary space to place your file- and app-content drags.
This allows you to more comfortably and easily navigate to the actual destination of your drag without having to keep the mouse button pressed.

Yoink used switching Spaces

What’s New

Most importantly, Yoink is now localized in the following, awesome 9 languages:

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese (new)
  • Japanese (new)
  • German
  • French (new)
  • Korean (new)
  • Italian (new)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) (new)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (new)
Additionally, these improvements and fixes have been made (among others):
  • Yoink 3.1 now sports a cleaner, less cluttered interface where buttons are only shown when you need them:

Yoink with a less cluttered interface

  • Improved support for Mail.app in conjunction with Calendar.app (you can now drag mails from Mail to Yoink and those to Calendar to create events), as well as Photos.app and Libre Office
  • Reduced CPU usage throughout the app (e.g., when waiting for “promised files” to be created, QuickLook Preview file icons aren’t created anymore for folders, apps and volumes since those only have icons) resulting in a more efficient app and improved battery life of your Mac
  • Improved handling of webloc files and different URL schemes
  • Bug fixes and cosmetic adjustments

Pricing and Availability

Yoink 3.1 is available exclusively on the Mac App Store for the price of $4.99 / €4,99 / £3.99; it’s a free update for existing customers of the app.
It runs on Macs with OS X Lion or newer – OS X Yosemite is recommended.
A free, 15-day trial is available, also for those who have tried it before.

Yoink Website: http://eternalstorms.at/yoink
Yoink Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/yoink/id457622435?mt=12
Yoink Demo Download: http://eternalstorms.at/yoink/Yoink.zip
Yoink Press Kit: http://eternalstorms.at/press/Yoink-3-Press-Kit.zip

Further Links

A quick screencast that runs for short of a minute is available on YouTube,but I’ve also embedded it here for your convenience:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQiU0NkmjZ8]

I’ve also created a Quick Tips page for Yoink so you can get the most out of it – it goes from basic stuff like copying files instead of moving them to more advanced topics like Automator integration and System Services.