Yoink for Mac v3.6.91 is now available, containing a couple of minor improvements and bug fixes.

What is Yoink?

Yoink appears at the edge of your screen when you begin to drag something, allowing you to place it there so you can more easily and comfortably navigate to the destination of your files.

Yoink in Action

Not only can you drag files to it, but also app-content like images from websites, text snippets, urls, and more.

“This app saved tons of hours for me and boosted my productivity. Totally recommended.”

Nebulan, Mac App Store

What’s New in Yoink v3.6.91?

  • It improves the app’s internal handling of shared and dragged files
  • Reduces the amount of memory the favicon fetcher subprocess (for urls placed in Yoink) uses
  • Fixes a menu item’s case from lower-case to Capitalized Case
  • Fixes a bug where Yoink could wait forever for a file preview icon to be created, even if it failed
  • Fixes a bug where sometimes Yoink would “steal” focus from other apps

Availability and Links

Yoink is a one-time purchase on the Mac App Store, or available as part of a Setapp subscription.
A free, 28-day trial is available on the website. The app is available in English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Italian and Portuguese.

Yoink Website (+ free trial)
Yoink on the Mac App Store (one-time purchase)
Eternal Storms Software Productivity Mac App Store Bundle (includes Yoink, ScreenFloat and Transloader at ~25% off)
Yoink on Setapp (dozens of apps, one subscription)

Yoink for Mac Usage Tips

Yoink is also available for iPhone and iPad

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Enjoy : )

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Today, in 2011, I released Yoink v1.0 to the public, and it looked like this:

I know, right? Its icon looked a bit different, too:

Anyway, long story short, I’m having a sale over this weekend on the App Stores, where you can purchase Yoink for Mac and Yoink for iPad and iPhone at a discount.

Yoink for Mac on the Mac App Store
USD 8.99 / GBP 8.99 / EUR 9,99 -> USD 4.99 / GBP 4.99 / EUR 5,99

Yoink for iPad and iPhone on the iOS App Store
USD 4.99 / GBP 4.99 / EUR 6,99 -> USD 3.99 / GBP 3.99 / EUR 3,99

Enjoy 😊

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If you’re using Yoink for iPad and iPhone’s Clipboard Monitor – which, if active, automatically saves anything you copy from other apps, even if Yoink is completely in the background –, you’re probably familiar with this dialog since iOS 16:

While this is useful information for apps you wouldn’t expect to be pasting at that moment, if you’ve activated Yoink’s Clipboard Monitor, you don’t want to have to confirm each and every single paste operation – it can get annoying very quickly:

I did file a feedback with Apple for adding an option to “Always Allow” pastes during the early days of iOS 16, and thankfully, in iOS 16.1, they introduced exactly that:

How to enable Always Allow “Paste from Other Apps” for Yoink.

– Open Settings.app
– Scroll all the way down to Yoink and select it
– Tap on Paste from Other Apps
– Select Allow

With this enabled (you can revoke it at any time using the same steps), you go from the confirmation-hell above to this:

When copying now, Yoink’s Clipboard Monitor picks up the copied item right away, without confirmation. A notification that a paste occurred is displayed.

You’ll still get notified that Yoink pasted from the source app, but you won’t need to confirm the paste each time πŸ₯²

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I’ve got two maintenance updates to share with you.

Yoink for iPad and iPhone v2.4.2

Yoink is your files and snippets shelf for anything you can drag, copy, share or download.
It syncs across your iOS devices using iCloud.
You can quickly Handoff files to Yoink for Mac.
You can let it monitor your clipboard – even when Yoink itself is in the background – to save anything you copy or cut. Its Picture-in-Picture overlay gives you full control over what it saves, and you can pause/end it any time from there as well.
Use Picture-in-Picture not only for videos, but also for images, PDFs, eMails, websites, and more. You can even scroll through longer documents using the Picture-in-Picture controls.
Its Shortcuts library lets you automate almost every aspect of the app and gives you full control.

Version 2.4.2 brings the following improvements:
– It improves renaming files
– It fixes a potential battery drain issue when PiP was active and Yoink in the background


Usage Tips
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Transloader for Mac, iPad and iPhone

Transloader lets you download links on your Macs, remotely from your iPhones, iPads, and other Macs.
With its Link- and File actions, you have full control over what happens when a link gets added to a specific Mac, or after a file is downloaded by the app. For instance, it works together very well with Downie.
With “Login Cookies”, you can even download files that require a login. And if you forget, you can log in after and restart the download.

Version 3.1.2 fixes a rare issue with its Share extension.


Usage Tips
Get to know Transloader 3 Blog Series
App Store (free)
Mac App Store

Should you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to write me or tweet me!
Enjoy πŸ€—

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