From today, November 25th, 2022, to the end of Sunday, November 27th, all my apps are on sale for Black Friday!

Yoink for Mac

Moving files and app-content on your Mac around can be cumbersome. Yoink for Mac makes it so much easier (plus lots of other features, like a clipboard monitoring widget – please refer to the website for more info):

Yoink for Mac currently holds a rating of 4.8/5.0 on the US Mac App Store and has frequently been featured by Apple

For Black Friday 2022, Yoink for Mac is over 30% off (USD 8.99 -> USD 5.99; EUR 10.99 -> EUR 6.99) on the Mac App Store.
Website (+ free, 30-day trial)
Yoink for Mac Usage Tips
Yoink on the Mac App Store (>30% off)
Yoink on Setapp

Yoink for iPad and iPhone

Yoink for iPad and iPhone is your place to store snippets and files, and sync them across all your iOS devices; via Handoff, you can transfer them to or from a Mac as well!

Yoink for iPad and iPhone currently holds a rating of 4.7/5.0 on the US App Store

It also features clipboard monitoring, which, via Picture-in-Picture, works even if Yoink is completely dismissed. You can also use its Picture-in-Picture functionality to display images, websites, PDFs, eMails and more (you can even scroll through them).

For Black Friday 2022, Yoink for iPad and iPhone is over 25% off (USD 5.99 -> USD 3.99; EUR 6.99 -> EUR 4.99) on the App Store.
Yoink for iPad and iPhone Usage Tips
Yoink on the App Store (> 25% off)

Transloader for Mac

With Transloader, you can initiate downloads on your Macs – remotely from your iPhones, iPads, and other Macs.

Transloader currently holds a rating of 4.8/5.0 on the US Mac App Store.

With its custom Link- and File Actions, you can automate Transloader to your liking whenever it receives a link (Link Action), or successfully downloads a file (File Action).

For Black Friday, Transloader is over 30% off (USD 9.99 -> USD 6.99; EUR 11.99 -> EUR 7.99) on the Mac App Store.
Website (+free, 30-day trial)
Transloader Usage Tips
Get To Know Transloader 3 Blog Series
Transloader on the Mac App Store (>30% off)
Free iOS counterpart app
Transloader on Setapp


With ScreenFloat, you can take your screenshots to the next level.
Take a screenshot, and it will float above all other windows and spaces, allowing you to reference their contents wherever you are. Organize shots with tags and categories in its Shots Browser.

ScreenFloat currently holds a rating of 4.9/5.0 on the US Mac App Store.

And don’t forget: ScreenFloat 2.0 is in development and will be a free upgrade for existing customers!

For Black Friday, ScreenFloat is over 33% off (USD 8.99 -> USD 5.99; EUR 10.99 -> EUR 6.99) on the Mac App Store.
Website (+free, 30-day trial)
ScreenFloat on the Mac App Store (>33% off)


Create stunning still-motion videos easily and quickly, with Glimpses.

Glimpses currently holds a rating of 5.0/5.0 on the US Mac App Store.

For Black Friday, Glimpses is over 35% off (USD 20.99 -> USD 11.99; EUR 23.99 -> EUR 14.99) on the Mac App Store.
Website (+free trial)
Glimpses on the Mac App Store (>35% off)


flickery is a fully-featured flickr client for your Mac.

Organize your photos quickly and easily with drag and drop, sort your galleries, upload and download, and more!

For Black Friday, flickery is over 25% off (USD 14.99 -> USD 10.99; EUR 17.99 -> EUR 12.99) on the Mac App Store.

Website (+free trial)
flickery on the Mac App Store (>25% off)

Enjoy 🤗

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I’m happy to announce a new app today: Citator for iPhone and iPad.
The brain-child of Clemens Bauer, Citator is a currently free app that lets you store, cherish and share memorable quotes.

Earlier this year, Clemens – whom I’ve known from the time we worked together on a local Apple Retailer’s customer loyalty app – approached me with an idea for an app to safe-keep quotes in.
Previous apps he had used for this appeared to become abandoned, and he desired a fresh, modern approach.


  • A beautiful list you can filter or search to quickly find quotes you’ve stored before
  • Save Quotes from the app, or from any app using the Share- or Action sheet
  • In addition to the quote itself, you can specify the author of a quote, where and when it originated, and where you found it
  • Author’s images are automatically loaded from Wikipedia if available
  • Display a static quote you select on your Home- or Lock Screen (requires iOS 16) with a widget
  • Display a random quote (which can change in an interval of your choosing) on your Home- or Lock Screen (requires iOS 16) with a widget
  • Share quotes as text, or as beautifully rendered images
A quote shared as an image from Citator
Automatic loading author images from Wikipedia in action.

Pricing and Availability

Citator is currently free, available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.
The app requires iOS 15 or newer and is currently localized in English and German.

TidBits and Fun Facts about the App and its Development


The app is 100% SwiftUI, which, apart from a few SwiftUI widgets here and there for my other apps, marks my first fully-featured SwiftUI app.
I’ve always said that learning something new is always easiest on-the-go. That’s how I learned Objective-C many years back, it’s how I learned Swift, and now, it’s how I’m learning SwiftUI.
But It’s been a struggle for sure, and I don’t know yet what to think of it. I do like parts of it.
Yet I passionately hate that sometimes the simplest of things require workarounds upon workarounds. I’m not saying I know a lot about SwiftUI (I do not!), but as “the future of developing for Apple platforms” (paraphrasing here), it’s nowhere where it should be, in my opinion.
You want different code-paths for different iOS versions in your @ViewBuilder? You’re entering a world of pain.
You want to show a simple share sheet pre-iOS 16? Not available natively.
You want to show a popover for a specific row in a list? Yeah, right, virtually impossible.
There are a lot more like these, and it can be very frustrating.
And I admit, I don’t quite understand the premise of SwiftUI. Years and years were spent on creating graphical user interfaces, to the point where, in Xcode, for example, one could drag user interface elements for the app you’re working on where you want them to be and have an options interface to configure them to look the way you desire.
Now, the supposed future is going back to command-line-like interface programming for GUIs? Isn’t that a step back?
For now, I’d choose Xcode’s storyboards and auto-layout over SwiftUI any time.

It me.
List Row Backgrounds

The background of a quote in Citator is a blurred, darkened (or lightened, in light mode) version of the author’s image.
However, sometimes, there is no author specified for a quote, or an image cannot be found, which would render that quote’s background solid black or white, making it stand out in an out-of-place fashion.
Luckily, I found an – in my opinion – elegant solution. I thought it would be neat to have a background image created from the quote text itself. I don’t know why, but the concept of the quote text itself creating its own, unique background felt fitting to me, especially for this app.

Colors can be represented as hexadecimal values (i.e., #FF0000 for red, #00FF00 for green, or #0000FF for blue). All I needed was to turn the quote text into a hexadecimal representation.
The hashing algorithm MD5 takes data and creates a hash value of it, which consists of characters from A-F and from 0-9, which is the same hex color values consist of.
So when no author image is available, Citator creates an MD5 hash of the quote text and a bit of “salt” for added randomness (the author and the date), splits it up into individual, 6-character/digit strings and uses those to create a blurred, darkened/lightened gradient background image.

Colorful quote backgrounds, created from the quotes themselves.
Customizable Widgets

I love how the widgets turned out.
You can have static ones, where a quote you select will be displayed until you change it, and you can have dynamic/random ones, where the quote changes in an interval you define, with rules you set up.

A Citator widget, displaying a quote by Joan Baez.
Options for a dynamic / random-quote widget.

I also adore the new Lock Screen widgets. Clemens in particular was very happy that widgets can now be displayed on the Lock Screen in iOS 16, and they are a perfect fit for Citator.

Two Citator widgets on the iOS 16 Lock Screen.

The quotes used in App Store promotional material

At first, I thought I’d use quotes from movies (like in the short video above, with quotes from the fictional characters Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm and Indiana Jones). But then I got worried about copyright issues and scrapped the idea.
After a while of thinking about it, my mind wandered to Apple’s Think Different campaign, and that’s when I had the solution to my problem.
All quotes featured in the App Store promotional screenshots are by personalities featured in Apple’s Think Different campaign, like Amelia Earheart, Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Joan Baez, Martha Graham and John Lennon.

Clemens and I hope you enjoy Citator.
There’s more cool stuff yet to come!

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For a limited time (ending on April 9th, 2022), you can get DEVONthink and Yoink for Mac at a 20% discount!

DEVONthink – Get Organized, Unleash Your Creativity

DEVONthink is your paperless office. It stores all your documents, helps you keep them organized, and presents you with what you need to get the job done. The app lets you focus on your work, while it remembers all the details.

With its powerful tools and custom A.I., DEVONthink enables you to collect, organize, edit and annotate documents of any kind, and have them automatically analyzed, connected and filed. And even better, everything is securely synced between your Macs, iPads and iPhones.

For example: Set up a smart rule to watch a folder for added files. With its rich set of options, the app will automatically import matching files and sort them appropriately – a huge time saver for receipts, for instance.

DEVONthink is a file and media browser, but doesn’t stop there. It’s a snippet keeper and note taker, but doesn’t stop there, either. It’s a database and organizational tool. It’s what you need it to be to get stuff done.

⚡️ Get DEVONthink and Yoink for Mac at a 20% discount ⚡️

Watch Kourosh Dini MD, a happy user of DEVONthink, harness the power of the app’s AI.

Yoink – Simplify and Improve Drag and Drop

Yoink offers you a “shelf” for files you drag from Finder, or app-content like images from websites. It frees your hand and mouse cursor to let you more easily and quickly navigate to the destination of your files.

Use Yoink to get even more files into DEVONthink, even easier and faster 😎

⚡️ Get DEVONthink and Yoink for Mac at a 20% discount ⚡️

Enjoy 🤗

This promotion is a joint effort of Eternal Storms Software and DEVONtechnologies.

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