On Transloader for Mac costing money

This dev right here Officer
by <redacted>
iOS | Version 3.1.4 | Australia
Makes this app free but then has the cast iron stones to charge $20 for the Mac version,
rendering this app useless - <redacted>. I would have paid if it
were upfront about it but I'm so sick of these draw-string scum sacks deliberately
misleading in attempts to manipulate people.

Developer Response
Hi <redacted>,
Thank you for your feedback on Transloader.
About being misleading and not being upfront:
In the iOS version's App description, I write: "Requirements: The Mac app, available for
purchase on the Mac App Store". I also inform users that there's a free trial for the Mac
version available on my website. I think I am being upfront about this.
About the Mac app costing money, iOS being free:
don't want anyone to waste their money on an app they can't use because they don't
have a Mac, so, because the main part of Transloader is a Mac app (the one downloading
stuff), it's the one charge for.
The iOS app is free, because l can not know if a user downloading the iOS app actually
has a Mac. To avoid having users purchase the iOS app, only to find they need a Mac on
the other side they might not have, I charge for the Mac app instead, and the iOS app is
free. So if they get the iOS app (for free), and then notice they need a Mac (they don't
have), they didn't lose any money. If they do have Mac, they are free to purchase the
or not.
I take it you didn't purchase the Mac app, either, so you didn't lose any money there. The
system works.
I think it's the right way to do this.
With kind regards,
Matthias, the draw-string scum sack, deliberately protecting people from making
useless purchases.
Leaving this here so there’s no confusion about my intentions regarding Transloader for iOS being free, and Transloader for Mac being a paid app.