Transloader – an app that lets you start downloads on your Macs, remotely from your iPhones, iPads, and other Macs – is now available in version 3.1.1 for both macOS and iOS.

v3.1.1 is a maintenance update which includes minor improvements and fixes.
– Now remembers previously selected Macs in Transloader and its Share extension
– The “local” Mac is now included in the Add Download dialogs
– Improved imagery for Macs and iOS devices
– Improved behavior of Transloader’s popover (when used as a menu bar app)
– Improved positioning of Transloader’s popover if the menu bar item is currently being truncated by macOS

– Fixes a bug where sometimes clearing all data from Transloader’s iCloud would fail
– Fixes a bug where copying preferences over from another Mac would confuse Transloader into thinking it is that other Mac
– Reduces the frequency of the appearance of rating requests from 6 to 9 months (if there’s been an update in between)


Transloader Website
Transloader on the Mac App Store ($9.99 / € 9.99)
Transloader for Mac on Setapp
Transloader on the iOS App Store (free)
Transloader Usage Tips
Eternal Storms Software Productivity Bundle (includes Transloader, Yoink and ScreenFloat at ~25% off)

Enjoy 🤗

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Yoink for Mac v3.5.16

This update contains a couple of quality-of-life improvements and a few bug- and crash fixes.

Website (+ demo)
Mac App Store

Yoink for iPad and iPhone v2.2.5

It was actually supposed to be v2.2.4, but I mistyped, so here we are.
Improves the “Get Item from List” Siri Shortcut by providing icons and subtitles for improved identification of items.
It also fixes two crashes, one of which occurred on iOS 15.

iOS App Store

Transloader for Mac v3.0.4

This improves the synchronization of your downloads’ statuses and file sizes, and fixes a couple of bugs along the way.

Website (+ demo)
Mac App Store

Transloader for iPad and iPhone v3.0.4

More bug fixes (and also includes the status / file size sync improvements of the Mac version).

iOS App Store (free)

Enjoy 🤗

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