Another 180 turn in GimmeSomeTune


One 180 turn plus another 180 turn means – we’re back where we started.

A few months back, I said GimmeSomeTune would make a 180 turn by using Gracenote as its source of information (lyrics, song info, artwork).

Although I really wanted this to happen, for all the reasons I mentioned in that previous blog post, it doesn’t seem like it will happen. I’ve contacted Gracenote numerous times and never heard back. Either they’re very, very busy or they just don’t care and don’t want my business. So be it.

So be it!

I’ll do what lots of other apps (including GimmeSomeTune) do – turn to websites that have the according information available. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again – only better. I’ll use several sources for lyrics and artwork, many of which you, the users, have suggested – thank you for that. I have several sources for lyrics and artwork, so if one service goes, there’ll be a backup service I can turn to.

Truth be told…

I really was looking forward to using Gracenote, because they do offer a great service.

When it became clear that Gracenote couldn’t be bothered to at least write me a “buzz off” e-Mail, I looked into other options. I still have no clue what Gracenote is charging, but it can’t be more than what the others are. It is really hard for an indie developer to use these services and not go hungry while doing so.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get an e-Mail from Gracenote some time this lifetime, then I may reconsider.

Status right now

So what’s the status of GimmeSomeTune right now?

Well, I lost a little time due to my work on Records (which is currently exclusively available through the MacBuzzer bundle) which had to be done for the bundle, so there’s that.

That being said, artwork, lyrics, and song recognition are all working right now, and beautifully, might I add. It’s almost magical.

Now you might ask, great, so when’s the release, because what’s there left to do?

Everything else. The interface, the popup window, keyboard shortcuts and testing, testing, testing (especially for song recognition, which is quite tricky).

One more thing on iPod scrobbling

In the blog post I mentioned before, I promised you scrobbling for tracks you played on your iPod. Turns out it’s not that easy to do.
I will try to implement it for the 1.0 release, but if it takes too long, I’ll move on to other things and get back to it when I’m working on a later update.
Sooner or later, it’ll be in there. But I don’t think it’s that important for a 1.0 release to spend a lot of time on it if I want a timely release (which I, and I assume most of you, do). I hope you understand.


As always, I’m open for suggestions and feedback, so please leave a comment, contact me on twitter (see below) or write me an e-Mail. Whichever you prefer is fine with me 🙂

Thank you for your time and interest,


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  1. great to hear all these going on! I’m sure most of us are waitin so long since the old version just doesn’t work.

    looking forward to it! thanks!

  2. Nacho

    Nice to hear news from GST again! hope everything’s fine and we can soon enjoy the new version. As for the lyrics sources, I would suggest AZlyrics. It has a lot of songs and is well organized, I like it a lot.

  3. Wispborne

    Very glad to see this isn’t (probably) vaporware. I loved the original GMT, but when it died and I saw that there were blog posts about remaking it, I could only think back to that false hope appropriately named Facade (the best mac theming app that never was).

    I, for one, do not care about scrobbling in any form. I appreciate your decision to ditch it for v1.0 if need be. I’ve checked in on this project for a looong time now, still nothing to actually look at or really any substance at all, but I’ll keep checking in. I know how indie programming goes; my friends and I have been chugging away at a game for a year now.

    Have fun.

  4. You’re right, there’s nothing to look at, yet, since I haven’t really done any interface work yet.
    However, I have written (and completed) fetching of lyrics and artwork, as well as track recognition. This is all stuff that goes on behind the scenes, so I can’t really show any of it until I have some sort of presentable interface 😉
    However, this is the next step.

    Thank you for your patience and checking in on GimmeSomeTune, it means everything to me!

  5. Eric Magnus

    Please don’t give up in this project. Is the best application. I hope we don’t have to wait too much more

  6. Anonymous

    I love this app, its truly epic and your a legend for creating. I look forward to the new version. Cheers mate!!

  7. Florian M

    GimmeSomeTune is certainly one of the best apps I’ve found so far !
    Keep up the good work Matthias 🙂

  8. Omar

    I love GimmeSomeTune and I use it all the time to show my existing lyrics and album artwork.

    But I recently installed Mac OS X Lion together with the latest version of iTunes. And the album artwork no longer shows in the little window that appears between songs 🙁

    Is this a known issue?

  9. Se

    Ever since TotalTunesControl got retired I am looking forward to GST! I would even buy it if required. Yet I am very worried about the sandboying story and whether we will ever see a fully working version of GST on Lion because of this limitation.

  10. Hey Matthias. I’m a massive fan of your app. When I switched to Mac a few years ago, it filled a gap in my setup that I felt really needed filling (why the hell have Apple never implemented even half of the ideas in your app?!).

    If there’s anything I can do to help with the new release, please just ask. I am a senior designer, and reasonably experienced in interface design. I am sure you have all of this covered, but I wanted to let you know of my willingness to help, regardless.

    Thanks for your brilliant work. Can’t wait for the new version!

  11. Waiting for the new version of GimmeSomeTune. I bought CoverSutra but it’s too complex and shiny, don’t need those bells and whistles. Sizzling Keys is looks awful and doesn’t work properly.

    Your app is the best choice 🙂