Get to Know ScreenFloat 2 – Part VI: Floating Shots’ Double-Click Workflows

Let’s take a tour through ScreenFloat and see how it can power up your screenshots, too.

ScreenFloat powers up your screenshots by allowing you to take screenshots and recordings that float above everything else, keeping certain information always in sight. Its Shots Browser stores your shots and helps you organize, name, tag, rate, favorite and find them. Everything syncs across your Macs.
Extract, view and copy detected text, faces and barcodes. Edit, annotate, markup and redact your shots effortlessly and non-destructively. Pick colors any time. And more.

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Part VI – Floating Shots’ Double-Click Workflows

From time to time, you’ll find yourself doing something over and over again, like resize an image before you send it in an email, or crop an image before you annotate it, or duplicate a screen recording before you remove its audio tracks.
ScreenFloat speeds that up by providing customizable double-click workflows for your floating shots.

Table of Contents

Setting up Double-Click Workflows
Available Actions

Setting up Double-Click Workflows

Double-Click workflows are set up in ScreenFloat’s settings. You can reach them by clicking on ScreenFloat’s menu bar icon in the right portion of your menu bar; or by right-clicking any floating shot; or by pressing command (⌘) – , in the Shots Browser. Select Floating Shots, and you’ll be ready to get going:

Double-click workflows are based on your keyboard’s modifier keys (command (⌘), option (⌥), control (^), shift (⇧) and fn). You can set up workflows for when no modifier key is pressed (a simple double-click onto the floating shot), or when any combination of those modifier keys is pressed (i.e., command-double-click, command-shift-double-click a floating shot).
This allows you to set up not just one, but multiple double-click workflows, tailored to different situations or requirements.

To add a double-click action to a workflow, hold down the modifier keys of your choice (or none) and press the + button at the bottom left of the list.
To make changing workflows with modifier keys easier, you can press the lock button at the bottom of the list to “lock in” the currently pressed modifier keys. Now you can let them go and still edit the workflow for that set of keys. Press the lock again to unlock the keys.

Switching through my double-click workflows by pressing different modifier keys on my keyboard.

The – button allows you to remove selected actions from the current workflow, remove all actions from the current workflow, or completely reset all your double-click workflows.

Available Actions

Actions in a workflow are performed in the order they appear in the list when you add them.
This order is more or less pre-defined and cannot be changed: for instance, the Duplicate Shot action is always added to the top of the list, and thus, performed first when the double-click workflow runs.
On the other hand, Copy as File is performed last, so you can have a double-click workflow where you crop, resize and annotate a shot, and after that, that newly edited shot is copied.

Let’s go over the list of available actions.

Some of these actions are only available when image shots are double-clicked:
– Lower image resolution
– Annotate Shot
while others are only available for screen recordings:
– Copy Still Image from Video
– Trim Video
– Remove Audio

Let’s go over some that might need further explanation:

Copy Clicked Text (Additive)
When you double-click a text line in a shot with this active, that text line gets copied.
Double-click another in the same shot, and it gets added to the previous copy.

Copy Still Image from Video
Copies the currently displayed frame in a floating video shot.

Open Copy With
Allows you to specify two apps: one for image shots, and one for video shots.

Export to Folder
Lets you select a folder on your disk to save the double-clicked shot to in its native PNG format right away.

Resize Shot
Allows you to specify a percentage to resize to (25%, 50%, 75%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%), or to resize it manually.

Rotate the shot clockwise, or counterclockwise.

Rate Shot
Specify a rating to give the shot when double-clicking it (from no rating to 1-5 stars).

Add to Folder
Specify a folder the shot should be added to, or let the double-click show the folders menu so you can select one on the fly.

Add Tag
Specify a tag to tag the double-clicked shot with, or show the Tags menu to select one on the fly.

Toggle Opacity Between 100% and
Select an opacity level all the way down to 40% to toggle between with a double-click.

Toggle Visibility Between Everywhere and
Select “Current Space” or “Currently Active App” as an option. Double-click to set it to, say, Currently Active App, then double-click it again to toggle it back to Everywhere.

Some actions are mutually exclusive. For instance, you can’t have both Copy All Detected Text and Copy Clicked Text in one and the same action, because one would override the other, and only the last operation would “take”.

Running a double-click workflow on a floating image shot that automatically reduces the shot’s resolution to 72 dpi, then asks me to resize it, then to crop/fold it, and then shows the Share menu.

Up Next

The next part of this series – Part VII: iCloud Sync, Tags Browser, Spotlight – takes a detailed look at ScreenFloat’s iCloud sync, the Tags Browser, and system-wide Spotlight search. Definitely take a look, there’s a lot of neat stuff there!


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Thank you for your time. I do hope you enjoy ScreenFloat!

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